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  1. Does anyone know of any firms in the Chicago area hiring experienced options traders. If so, what are the terms, fees, money required to start or do they take a percentage of the profits only. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Since we are on the topic, does anybody know any good options trading companies in New York? I'm still a full time student, I finish this August, but I average about $5 grand a week on only two trades a week. Since I implemented my new system 6 weeks ago, I have had a 100% win record. So If anybody wants a bright guy with a 3.9 GPA and a record like that, please contact me. Thanks
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    With an average of 5K per week and all that free time between trades, why would you work elsewhere :) ?
  4. I need to get a regular job because I'm trying to get into Business school. I just do not think that daytrading options will impress them enough. I think they would rather see that I went through the system; you know, worked for a company in a 9-5 job.

    The only thing that kind of scares me is that, you are right, why would I want to work for anybody else if it meant a pay cut?
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    Reitberg what exactly are you trading to make that kind of money? If you don't want to reveal that on this board please send me a message. I'm real curious.
  6. It's pretty crazy how many emails that I have gotten from this thread about what I trade. I just trade what is about to move, that's all.

    It doesn't take a genious to figure out what I do. In fact, I dropped most of the quant stuff altogether. I used to be big on digital signal processing and fractional brownian motion, but that stuff only sort of makes money. That stuff is more for confirmation.

    What I do now is beat everybody to it. The market is too fast to play it otherwise. I don't find it hard to make short term predictions in an underlying asset. The only thing that is rough is predicting implied volatilities, at say a particular point in time if an underlying's price were to instantly move a lot in my favor.

    As far as what I actually trade, I vowed that I would only keep it to the small group that I advise to currently. But if you own a nice company and need a bright guy to work for you, I'm available. I have hedge fund experience too.
  7. anybody that could consistently return 100+% returns ( over years, not months ) would be the greatest investor of all time and would inevitably become the richest man on the planet. Certainly such a person would not be looking for a job.
  8. Consistently making those returns is not impossible, compounding them is ...

    Some games are only so big.
  9. As metoox and others can attest sometimes big size will be difficult if not impossible to execute on the US listed options markets.
  10. Wow guys, didn't think that somebody would only read one line of my initial message. Yeah, I just implemented my system, I have not lost a dime yet. We'll see what happens tomorrow because I just took a position. If it keeps up, or it doesn't, I'll be sure to let you know.

    The bottom line is, I have a new system that is going to make money more than 50% of the time. Whether or not you want to believe me is a totally different story altogether. All I know is, for the first time in my trading history, I have something that works, and the methodology is based on 13th century and 17th century mathematics that will continue to work for generations to come.

    And like I said, I want to find a good job at a prestigious firm because I need to get into business school. I'd gladly take a pay cut if it would assure me getting into a great school because I'll only make more later on because of it.
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