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  1. I am interested in taking a good course on how to trade options SAFELY using conservative techniques. I have identified two programs that seem to meet this requirement.



    SHERIDAN Options Mentoring


    I am interested in learning safe scalable strategies. My goal is to be able to manage a large retirement portfolio and would be happy with 2 percent per month. I am aware that most courses out there are junk but these two seem to be taught by experienced traders and they are teaching what I want to learn – conservative strategies using adjustments and hedging that can be applied to a large portfolio as opposed to speculative plays with large drawdowns.

    Does anyone have experience, insights, or recommendations about either of the above?
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    Pardon my french, but are you f*cking serious? You would be happy making a conservative 2% a month or 30% a year annualized or better put, you would be happy making returns that put you in the 99th percentile of all traders in the history of the world. Really? You would settle for that? Wow. OK. Good luck. And doing this with your retirement money of all things. LOL. Thank God for social security right?
  3. Yeah, I gotta go with my friend Mav on this one. You speak of "conservative" and then throw out 2% a month... now, just think about it...who is going to pay you that kind of money? The smartest people in the World are in Chicago (and other place) making markets in Options.

    Do not, I repeat - DO NOT- let any of the 'trainers' out there try to tell you differently.

    I traded options for 13 years on the trading floor, back when we had a big edge (trading or quarters, even dollars, and we would not give up that kind of edge to anyone, then or now.

    I applaud youfor seeking some help with your plans, just don't forget the "if it looks too good to be true..." etc.

    All the best,

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    I think that is very difficult if not impossible beat the market but if you invest on SPY you probably can make this 7% a year....only with "buy and hold"
  5. ...check the forum, someone cracked the code for sjo, so you can get that info from him.....

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    Instead of trashing the poor guy you should be organizing ET so that we can pool our money and get a piece of that 99th percentile action

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    If peeps could generate 30% a year consistently, do you really think they'd be pimping these make big bucks quickly trading courses?
  8. Looks like SHERIDAN Options Mentoring are into the Iron Condors. I would check EliteTrader for info on IC's then start a thread to answer some questions you may have. IC's are relatively simple with limited risk and a good way to start out, no need to pay for a course to learn Iron Condors.

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    Hell I would give my money to Dan Sheridan except the doesn't even trade options anymore. He found out it's more profitable to sell the education then to trade iron condors.
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    I traded ICs for years using every adjustment under the sun utilizing info from a large pool of mentors and read just about everything printed on the subject.

    Long story short... you can make alittle bit of money alittle at a time but the operative word is alittle, however you can lose alot more more of the time. No matter how you adjust or when you put them on or how you trade them, if the market moves enough you will lose.

    It's one of the most luring marketable strategies that is aimed at anyway who has access to the net. There is more money in spruiking them then trading them.

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