Options Education - Got a Website / Book / PDF You Like? Post It Up

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    Nice thread. My optionality library is extensive, I’ll be regularly adding gems to this thread. For starters here’s a few:

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    Complex but a very good read, especially when it comes to synthetics. eBook is pretty cheap, too
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    classic. As well as “Perception & Deception”, and “Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda”

    I wish Cottle would publish a new book!
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    im not going to mention conventional books, I’m going to try and offer the less talked about. I’m going to save the real gems for later, for now here’s a few goodies.

    I suggest you guys google “squeeze metrics” and read all of his publishing’s. Fascinating papers. As well as Ayache. Both have unique perspectives on optionality.




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  7. Aren't those two you mentioned included in the Hidden Reality?
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    No they are separate books. BUT........... the books are extremely similar and sometimes I'll get confused which one I'm reading. So while they arent "included" all 3 Cottle books have a very similar layout.. nonetheless they are all must-reads IMO!
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    From "Option Trading: Pricing and Volatility Strategies and Techniques" by Euan Sinclair

    Thought I'd share his closing words in the this book. Sums it up well on the process of learning.

    "There is no end to this process. You can keep learning but you will never have learned all there is to know. The market keeps changing. But all knowledge is not equal, and knowing what to learn is a very important skill. Don not waste energy looking for a great new technical indicator of trying to develop an encompassing macro-economic view of the economy. Look into the microstructure wrinkles of the markets. Force yourself to look into the boring details. In the markets, if something is easy, it will at best be useless, and probably just wrong. Finally, you need to do the stuff that your parents probably told you about. Get a good night's sleep. Get to work on time. Concentrate. Work Hard. Be lucky." page 251
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  10. Read most of those and then some Caplan Kolb Gross even Gaug- Cottle is a monster,and one regret is not seeing him talk at a meeting of about 8 options traders in London many years ago.
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