Options Education - Got a Website / Book / PDF You Like? Post It Up

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    im not going to post the link for a free pdf download but like many books, its out there.
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  3. advance options wheel strategy

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  4. how has this constant shill not been banned yet
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    Why not Provide some good ol constructive specific Criticism of the Content, or
    Ignore it, or
    Send these complaints to Feedback.
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    any book by Jeff Augen or Sheldon Natenburg
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  10. https://21stcenturyinvestoreducation.com/page/tce/courses/
    Do the free course- do not skirt around it, understand how options work.
    John Carter has a Youtube channel- 100% genuine guy
    Least risky strategy ? Butterfly- zero risk but there is a cost, you need to buy at 20 aiming to get 100. You can then afford to lose a few and close out/morph when they go really off piste.
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