Options during a terrorist attack

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    I'm sure al-queda has seen Michael Corleone retrieve the hidden gun in the bathroom. "Try the goat. It's the best in the City." :)
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  2. Sure it can be avoided. Simply get everyone to take off all their clothes, put on a hospital gown, board the plane and then handcuff them to the seats and only let them use the bathroom with a supervised escort. It's a little labour intensive but a small price to pay for extra safety and peace of mind. See, there's always a solution :)
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  3. The subject of "Profiling" has been brought up by people that I thought never would.
    They are beginning to see that our resources are limited, and the costs of screening everyone is becoming
    Currently, every single person is suspect, and is subject to any form of screening.
    The 80 year old Grand Parents, etc. I'm sure everyone here could look at a group of people
    and eliminate at least half of those who obviously don't share the profile of a terrorist.
    Now I'm sure that some might fear complacency, but a properly trained, common sense person
    should be able to do so.
    All of the 911 terrorists did fit a certain profile.
    Young to middle aged, middle eastern men.
    I know the ACLU will have a heart attack, but ya gotta single them out.
    Let's use our resources wisely, and not waste time screening people who don't fit the terrorist profile.
    Let's not penalize everyone by ignoring the obvious and let's start using some common sense.
    Let's start profiling, now.
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