Options during a terrorist attack

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  1. What happened to options and the market during the other non-9/11 events? ie, Spain and London bombings?

    I wasn't trading then, so I'm unaware of how international terror attacks affect us here in the US...well, affect us in terms of options trading.

    Just asking cuz today's news reminded me of it.
  2. Markets plummented during pre-market, and made strong rally up during the regular market hours after it was confirmed that damages were minimal.
  3. In general, option volatility spiked upwards. Short option positions hurt (including short out of the money calls).
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    I think whenever terrorist attacks happens, governments around the world in general have their teams trying to pump the market like today. VIX is moving down since market opening.

    It is hard for terrorists to benefit from the attack financially in this market. Even the crude & gold are moving down today against the usual direction:cool:
  5. The current attempt is ominous. Astrolite [liquid HE] compounds are very stable and concealable. A bottle of visine can take down a airliner. I don't see any way to avert the inevitable.
  6. soooo your on an airplane and you see 3 arab looking men trying to get into the bathroom together....how do they get together without attracting attention from the passengers?

    OTOH if someone takes out a bottle of liquid and DOSEN'T immediately drink out of it you could...a la Rennick.. just shoot em.
  7. We need more info to answer . Is this an g.. only flight or regular ?
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    Obviously they need not enter an area "together." All they need do is "hide" various substances in the lavatory's trash.
  9. You sure your not one of them:p...yep that would be the way to do it. I just thought a good thing for TSA to do would be to donate all the confiscated stuff to Food banks for the poor!

    hummmm now the flight attendents will have to check the trash after each usage by the passengers:mad: I gotta quit posting...I must be at my limit for the day:D
  10. :D
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