Options Dream: BIDU 460 Call goes from .40 to $12...anyone get in?

Discussion in 'Options' started by increasenow, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. Options Dream: BIDU 460 Call goes from .40 to $12...anyone get in?...this happened today...wow...anyone get in on any portion of this?
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    reading some of the posts here i can guarantee you some traders caught the whole move, too bad from the wrong side
  3. I imagine someone got and the right side also
  4. That's not the most impressive. Bidu Jan 410 call was $0.40 on Jan/12, now it is $55. Did you catch the whole thing?
  5. In hindsight, everything is clear. Could you have predicted on Jan 2 that Google would threaten to abandon Chinese market? The sharp increase in call value was partly due to this event, and I bet most people who longed calls before this event did so for reasons other than the Sino-Google dispute.
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    I don't trade BIDU, but looking at the chart, it was REALLY oversold the day before the news and I bet a lot options traders who play swing moves started back month call positions Tuesday and woke up to a very nice Wednesday.

    I feel sorry for the premium writers who didn't cash out, figuring with 3 days till expiration why bother.
  7. did you??...ahh...I'd still say from .40 to $12 is great...most traders wait their whole life for this...in ONE day...wowo

  8. Would they feel sorry for the buyer who let them decay?
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    Those of us who are glass-half-full sorts imagine each of the buyers cutting their losses along the way in a manner that keeps them within their acceptable loss limits until that last buyer the day before the news drives the price up $60+ wakes up and books a vacation in Fiji...
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