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  1. I was wondering if anyone knew of a website or broker that allows you to trade a demo stock option account without having to open a real account. I tried seraching for one on the web but I would get these random futures options sites. I guess I could just paper trade... in a notebook, but its just more interactive and feels more "real" when youre using an actual platform. Ok just wondering. Thanks in advance.
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  3. Hey nkhoi thanks for the quick reply. I did check the larger options brokers such as thinkorswim, but they have a 10 day period on their demo account. I know alot of FX sites let you demo their platform for as long as you like. Can anyone think of any place else that does the same for options?
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  5. Ahhh thanks. It seems like oxps will let you open an account without a deposit and then you can just paper trade that account as if it were a demo account. I wonder if they add accounts created with no deposit into their "new account creation" number each month/quarter. If they did itd be a total sham. Alright guys thanks.
  6. I used to trade optionsxpress web based options demo, and it had serious problems getting filled… limit or market orders. Some times up to 10/15 minutes. I asked them why and they said they had so much demand, or to many users on it that it lagged it. Now this was about a year and a half ago they may have since fixed the issue. :confused:
  7. TOS is the one you're gonna want to be using, so learn on that one. Just talk to Tom or Scott or Joel, they will give you longer than 10 days. Why learn on the OE platform, and then find out they no longer have the best deal? Go with TOS.