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    I was wondering if anyone could recommend me an options course I could understand. I need someone to practically hold my hand and walk through it. I have tried reading some of the easier books....Getting Started in Options, and The Options Workbook.....but when it gets to placing an order I am clueless.

    I would like to have stock options as a longer term strategy while I day trade indexes.:confused:
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    Go to the CBOE's web, look under Learning Center. They have online tutorials for rookies
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    bobcathy 1,

    The best education on this subject comes from a small company in San Francisco called Market Compass. They are ex PCX exchange members and they simply cover the subject in more detail and real life practicality than anyone else. These guys train market makers, hedge fund managers, and active traders. Their approach is much more honest and usable than Optionetics or Trade Secrects and it's very inexpensive.

  4. a good book for option neophytes is :

    trade options on line by george fontanills

    i can't speak about his others products, but the above book gives a very nice outline of the option game and is VERY easy to understand.


  5. keith,

    thanks ! www.marketcompass.com is a great resource !


    surfer d
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    Just so you know: The prices published on their web site not are what one has to pay. My firm and I knowall the Market Compass folks and we can access their program for $500 for all of the seminars. It's a rediculously good deal. We send many of our traders through the program.
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    Thank you so much for the wonderful ideas.
    I will get started on this right away.:)
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    If any of you want to get that good deal to Market compass seminars, then contact me. MC won't give it to you directly. Is it ok if I post my phone #? Well anyway, I'm at 415 291 7300 or keith.glanz@greentreetrading.com.
  9. Try any of these seminars if they are convenient.

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