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  1. Hi all

    Can someone recommend anyone (mentor) or videos/books on trading options?
    Possibly a good advisory service.

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    Per your missive, I am also looking for help. I have been trading stocks (for a living) , worked with futures, but options has been a complete blank. I learned from books that you can't treat options as you would stocks, even with the use of TA. I have taken free courses via OIC, CBOE, etc.. read a few books, but very little hands on information, just the usual drivel.
    It is amazing to me how you can cover all aspects, although basic information such as handling specific parts of the trade ie: spread bid/ask for both entry and exits, which makes a major difference in your bottom line, are never covered.
    I do recommend SFO magazine, great information. Beware of your full day or two day seminars, since you will mainly retain 20% of the information. Than there is alway's the work book with your seminar, and good luck deciphering the information you have written.
    Good luck with your search, hopefully others will be able to help.:confused:
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    Anything from George McMillan is good too
  5. take the free trial at www.optioninvestor.com and focus entirely on what Jeff Bailey has to teach. He is an excellent stock trader in general, covers stock options as well.

    obligatory ET disclaimer: no affiliation whatsover on my part
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    www.thinkorswim.com courses

    Don't try Schaeffer or the Optionetics stuff. I know people who attended and said they were waste of money.
  7. This topic gets covered a lot.

    Try the The Options Institute at the CBOE.
    They have a lot of free information and archived webcasts. I've found Dan Sheridan's webcasts to be useful and entertaining.

    Red Option (www.redoption.com) has services that are reasonably priced, though I haven't subscribed to any of them. They are affiliated with thinkorswim.
  8. Try Charlie Cottle at riskdoctor.com.

    He developed and taught the courses for Tony Saliba's company, ITI, in Chicago. He's also written a couple of very good options books.
  9. I just found this site. They sell some CD's with Options Training material. I do not own nor have I purchased or viewed the material but they look pretty comprehensive if you get the full set or you can get them individually if you don't want all of them. If anyone gets these and likes them let me know.

    <a href="http://www.tradingacademy.net/OTA-CAT-CD-OPTIONS.htm">http://www.tradingacademy.net/OTA-CAT-CD-OPTIONS.htm</a>
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    I personally find him rather difficult for the novice trader.

    Anything by Dan Sheridan is very worthwhile. He has several webinars at Cboe.com, and a couple of chats at thinkorswim.

    If you are willing to pay for mentoring, he is available at

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