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Discussion in 'Options' started by matt5555, Sep 28, 2003.

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    Where can I find a price history (say of the last 2 weeks ) of stock options? I'm also looking for charts (intraday if possible)

    I currently have eSignal but can not do it.

  2. QuoteTracker can do up to 5 day charts, updated real-time. You would have to have a datafeed that supports options and preferably backfill. The ones that have backfill as well as options quotes are IQFeed, myTrack, Money.net, and CyberTrader

    Jerry Medved
  3. matt5555


    Thanks. I am a registered QuoteTracker user (even though I have eSignal ) and I do have money.net however I do not have the backfill anymore.

    Any other ideas?
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  5. zxcv1fu


    I use Datek data feed & does not get the option chart. This is the message:
    MarketScreen does not offer the charting of derivitives.
  6. Not sure what MarketScreen message has to do with QuoteTracker charting - you did not get that message from QuoteTracker. DATEK supports option quotes, so you can use it for intraday charting. Just enter the symbol either as +SYMBOL or O.DLQ.DY format. DATEK Backfill does not support options though.

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    I got that message by clicking option chain, select ing an option & clicking the Chart button.
  8. zxcv1fu, QuoteTracker does not support streaming option chains at this time. The "Option Chain" menu item is a link to a browser window. Thats outside of QT and is in no way integrated. To get streaming charts, enter the symbols for the options into the QuoteTracker portfolio as I previously indicated.
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    The symbol for QQQ 34 Oct put is QQQVVH. Is it the correct symbol to enter in QT? Will I then get the option chart from Datek datafeed?
  10. No. The symbol for QQQ 34 October Put is QAVVH, not QQQVVH. Using DATEK datafeed, you can enter either:



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