Options Chain For Standard "big" S&p Futures

Discussion in 'Options' started by nixodian, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. please can tell me why people with a normal option account with an online brokerage eg Interactive brokers or Think or Swim for eg , can't see the option chain for the 'big'standard S & P futures.
    cannot see a bid and ask for even ITM strikes.
    I'd like to trade the standard S & P futures with the E minis to take advantage of SPAN margin

    looking forward to your reply

    kindest regards
  2. cszulc


    The Big S&P is floor traded only. You may not have floor data on your account. With that, you'll probably only be able to see last trades, not bid/ask as those are manually (on the floor) quoted.
  3. just21


    Emini SP option bid/ask and model prices are generated by computer and are available on IB, symbol ES. They also use span margin.
  4. dr_sean


    SP is literally nothing except 5x ES therefore prices are same (quotes on the other hand, can differ obviously).

    If you're willing to throw up a little size every now and then just call up a broker (XFA comes to mind) the pit trades very tight especially in this market and they'll give you color on whatever is trading in there.