Options brokers w/ low balance requirements?

Discussion in 'Options' started by bookish, Jul 17, 2019.

  1. bookish


    I know, you shouldn't trade options unless you have 400 million in your account. But, just for fun, who has low balance requirements for options trading?
  2. bookish


    p.s. I'm referring to purchasing options and spreads, not selling.
  3. guru


    Which brokers don’t nowadays?
    Every one I can think of does.
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  4. I have a relatively small account (<$100K) for options trading at IB, they don't seem to care as long as you're not selling naked options.
  5. Ryan81


    The original question doesn't make sense. Options you purchase have to be fully paid for...
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  6. MKTrader


    Right. And buying cheap, far out-of-the money options is one thing you can do in a smaller account. Of course, pretty much everyone who's tried to pick the next Microsoft or time the indexes with options in a $10K account bled the account to death with losses....
  7. ironchef


    Long options are not margin-able, so as long as you have the funds to pay for it, no minimum required.

    To approve you to trade options, brokerages do require to test your suitability. You have to answer a bunch of questions on the application form. They may deny your application if you say you have zero assets, unemployed, homeless and are new to options. :caution:
  8. ironchef


    Why trade if you already have 400 millions in your account? Unless it is 400 millions in Venezuelan Bolivars (VEF) where $1 USD = 248,567 VEF?
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    For bleeding problems, refer to Kelly Criterion