Options Broker for Canadians under $10RT trade

Discussion in 'Options' started by agostini, May 16, 2013.

  1. agostini


    Anyone know of an Options broker ANYWHERE in the world that doesn't charge over $10 for one round trip trade AND is available to Canadians?

    Every Canadian broker charges over $22 for one contract.

    Ive found Suretrader but they seem iffy.
  2. Interactive Brokers.

    Or have you ruled them out for some reason?
  3. agostini


    No, I was counting them in along with International Brokers somewhere in Europe.

    I was hoping there was others that would be revealed here at EliteTrader.

    How I miss being with MBTrading and spending less than $2 RT.
  4. It is unlikely that any reputable broker anywhere in the world will accept residents of Quebec or British Columbia (at least, and perhaps some other provinces) because laws and regulations adopted in those provinces in recent years have made it a crime for foreign brokers to do so (unless they are regulated in at least one Canadian province).
  5. cmb

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    Sure trader would be cheaper in the short term if you trade alot of options.

    Think about it like this, u put in 2k, what are the chances that they are gonna go bankrupt in 6 months? you might be able to save the 2k in comissions in that 6 months time. ;)
  6. tbaylx


    Interactive Brokers..i've been happy with them here in Canada
  7. Kirkx


    Suretrader is from the Bahamas, if I remember well, and seems ok. International Brokers Worldwide is from Belize and they have lately got into some trouble:


    If you really feel like trying out some brokers from jurisdictions which are out of reach of US and Canadian regulators, then it would be wise to keep most of your funds with Interactive Brokers Canada and then go fishing offshore using very small percentage of your assets.

    From the retail trader point of view, Canada is a very funny place. Most of us live within 100 miles from the US border, but thanks to some stiff bureaucracy and provincial politics, to get access to state of the art technology and low commissions we have to look to Bahamas, Belize and other far away places.

    At least we have better account protection than our American friends.
  8. CBC


    Sign up with interactive, don't even ask any questions.
  9. agostini


    They seem to be the best choice so far thats out there.
    My issue is the $10K minimum account opening amount.
    Cant do it.