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  1. I am new to options, but have the basic concepts down. I was looking for a book similar to "Reminicences of a stock operator", for the options trader. Not a direct strategy, but something that gives someone a feel for a way to approach the options market.
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    "Options Trading: The Hidden Reality" by Cottle, not exactly the reminiscinces, but a good book.

    Also check out the "Market Wizards" series as there are some interviews with option traders.

    "Option Market Making" by Baird gives a good perspective on market makers.
  3. If you can stand the slightly "Holier-than-thou" tone of the book then Fooled by Randomness by Nassim Taleb is definitely worth checking out for one perspective on how to approach the options markets IMO.

  4. Thx, I have the market wizards books, I will go back over the options interviews, and check out the other books.
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    Try Larry Mcmillians. He is one of the best. Get the 2004 edition. It's called "Mcmillian on Options"
  6. the complete guide to option pricing formulas. by Haug
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    Pit Bull - Martin Schwartz maybe?
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    I've found "The Inner Game of Trading" by Robert Koppel and Howard Abel where they talk to top traders and provide and insight to money management some charting.

    It provides an insight into how top traders think, it's an easy read and I use mine as a reference so much so i'ts dog eared.
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    I would love to find a book on straight simple OEX and or SPX calls and puts options trading. That's the kind of trading I am currently working with. Trading the OEX almost like I trade the Eminis.

    It seems to work pretty well accept for getting out fast.......that is often a problem.
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    Larry is pretty much consider THE MAN when it comes to options. I have a brand new copy of this book that I'm interested in selling for a good price to anyone that's interested. PM me if you are. :) http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0471678759/
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