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Discussion in 'Options' started by blb078, Sep 4, 2003.

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    can someone recomend a good options book, i know the basic about options and i want to learn a little more about them, learn some basic trading strategies etc. i don't want something that says you'll be an expert trader by the end of the book, just something to go over the basics and some basic stratigies. thanks
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    I have read a number of books on options and the two best are "Options as a Strategic Investment" by Larry MacMillan and "Option Volatility & Pricing" by Sheldon Natenberg. The best place to buy them is www.traderslibrary.com.
  3. IMO, the best overall "broad brush" book on options. Other books such as cottle, caplan, etc are more creative and artistic. Natenberg's is more scientific and rigid.
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    yep, it is probably the best starter book out there. it was a bit strange though that he lists Hull as "Advanced Book" :)
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    Better libraries have most or all of books in Elite Trader section, click ''Books'' at the very top of this page.:cool:

    Big Trends by Price Headly is at the top and great ''direction ''also for stocks,stock options.

    All three Jack Schwager top trader books continue the top pattern
    ''Regard discretion''-Solomon,trader king.
  6. I'll be off to the library to look for these books to gain a better understanding of options.

    Do have a quick question. If someone is short gold in futures(say at $375.00) and then sells a Put of a strike price of $370.00 a month out, what is the risk?
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    That's where your risk is. If futures go up more than the price you sold the put, you lose because your upside protection has been limited by the price you sold the put.

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