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  1. Haven't posted in this area for awhile, should be interesting to see the responses, might get a better viewing in the options area, but I'll try here first.

    Thinking about making more book purchases (why? I like books). Has anyone read these or heard anything about them (yay's/nay's) ?

    1.) The Volatility Edge in Options Trading


    2.) Trading Options at Expiration


    3.) [Not out yet] Day Trading Options


    4.) [For out long-term guys/girls out there] Options as a Strategic Investment


    Looking for some suggestions to add to the list/comments of the above titles/authors (trying to see if they are worthwhile). If anything, maybe these titles will help some people out.

    Thanks in advance.

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    McMillan is a god.
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    I dont want to hijack your thread or anything..

    but does anyone know of a options-book that goes in depth with strangles and straddles and really explaines the greeks?
  4. The first 2 are favorites of mine. I highly reccomend them. Natenberg is also a must.

    There are many strategies covered including straddles, strangles, and ratios (among others).
  5. I assume your talking about Sheldon Natenberg. If so, I was looking at his 1994 book, the others seem to have gotten bad reviews...perhaps I am wrong?

    Anyway, here is one that I was concerned about: "Not only is very difficult to understand but the strategies are only useful if you are a professional trader. Only market makers can make money trading this way".

    You tell me, what have you found in your experience with reading his works? Is the above statement by a reviewer accurate or something to pass off and get the book? Also, what about the date, do you think its still relevant today?

    Thanks again.


    book link:
  6. The book you linked is the one I'm talking about. I think Natenberg is great when it comes to Volatility/Pricing/etc. I think there are many others on this board that would agree Natenberg's work on Volatility is excellent. Perhaps there are some that would strongly disagree too - I find that hard to believe.

    Half of the book is focused on Pricing, Vols, the Greeks, Risk, and strategies. (40 pages or so on Vols alone). Options are a three dimensional monster. I don't think they are "easy" to understand. As for the quotes, perhaps that person isn't suited to trade options. They aren't for everyone. Natenberg talks a bit about intermarket strategies and arbitrage but most of the book is directly related/applicable to the real world (non MM).

    Run a search on ET for "Natenberg". Perhaps that will help you find some more information.
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    why? the guy has never made money trading
  8. Perhaps better learn some Chinese or Japanese nowadays instead!
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