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Discussion in 'Options' started by canyonman00, Apr 23, 2003.

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  2. Thanks for all your suggestions. Bought the McMillian book last night. And I have just taken note of several of your suggestions and will be back at the store tomorrow night to look for some of them. I do enjoy stopping in at the book store from time to time and adding to the old library. Keep those suggestions coming! :)
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  3. Options A Personal Seminar was decent, McMillan is pretty much king. The tough part is finding a book which tells you when not just the what.
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  5. well a Chicago floor trader wrote a classic on Options Volatility & Pricing Strategy (Natenberg); and everyone nows Larry McMillan's tome...

    get those two... and you're doing fine

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  6. Good point...

    I'm re-reading it right now... after some inept options trades last couple of weeks... guess I must have forgotten a lot of what Shelley N. taught me in his CME class, and his book.

    Then again, maybe I just need more gingko?!


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  7. I also think that any of Cottle's work is worth a look. They do have a downloadable version of his latest book "Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda" which is a revised version of his original "Options: Perception and Deception", which went out of print and is scarcely available(i.e a bunch of hawks trying to pawn it off on ebay).

    I also have to say that when I first visited EliteTrader in Mar, 2002, there were numerous threads that visited these same concepts with a great deal of expertise. Many of these guys have left this site since, but some of those conversations last year were very professional...

    There was also a thread at the end of last summer regarding "dispersion trading" and some of the replies focussed on various strategies along those lines. Again, some material that was more proprietary and "real world", not so theoretical (or limited to one having the "edge" of market making)...
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  8. 1 copy of Cottle's book is offered used @ 199.50 on Amazon.
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  9. So you've been bitchin' and whinin' for a while now on ET about options. When are you going to spill the beans and reveal some of these "tricks"? Seems like you're just a scorned trader.
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  10. The Options Workbook- Anthony J Saliba
    Is my top recommendation on options trading.
    LEAPS by Harrison Roth
    For those who trade Leaps.
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