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  1. What is a good book that explains some basic stock options strategies for a novice trader? :)
  2. I am sorry for not being really helpful in the way you want. But I think you will remember my words one day sooner or later. Do not, I repeat, do not touch options in the open market. Do not buy options book. Do not pay options service. Use free information to learn options. Observe the tricks is more important than actually doing it using expensive software and risk your cash any way you play it.
  3. just21


  4. but remember most options information, free or not, especially on net such as cboe.com are hooks. They hook you up and get you brain washed so that they can make a profit out of you one way or another.

    Stay tuned for more tricks revealed at


    Do NOT, I repeat, Do NOT touch options in the open markets.
  5. I have been playing options for over ten years now. Both commodity and stock. I was generally inquiring from some experienced traders and readers here to see if there were any reference book type of things that they have used to learn some basic strategies. It is for my own personal "FYI" library. I am looking to add a few quality books to the mixture. Remember your words? Why? And yes I can find a ton of free things. But that is not my goal in this instance. Thanks for your effort. :)
  6. Ahh, why didyou ask about options books if you have traded options for ten years? Back to basics?

    Seriously, are you a hooker? No offense. Well, yes, so what. No grace to hooker and criminals. I am gonna ruin your business. So what.

  7. Somewhere in the text of my post you might read that I wanted to add a book or two to my personal library. It had nothing to do with my experience in trading options or your lack of success in -- whatever it is you do. I was looking for someone with a positive track to aid me here. I am not looking for your historical explanations as to why you can't trade options. Please help me out here. There is no need for you to respond to this post. I get the gist of your experience/abilities.

    Finally, thanks for your effort. :)
  8. Options as a Strategic Investment
    by Lawrence G. McMillan

    is the best book for this. It a bit dense but take the strategies that you like you dont have to read the whole book. Remember you must know how stocks move before you play with options.
  9. Options are never investment. It is gambling any way you play it. You are just a pathetic losers in the eyes of the scamers. They laugh at you while you are brain washed and dreaming to be rich by "investing" in options.

    This is a hooker's thread. Period. I am done here. Remeber, readers, you judge it by yourself some time from this day.
  10. Thanks. I'll look for it while I'm shopping tonight. :)
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