Options bibles reading sequence (McMillan, Natenberg)

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  1. I have these options books in my trading library:

    McMillan "Strategic Investment"
    McMillan "McMillan On Options"
    Natenberg "Options Pricing"

    I'm working on "Strategic Investment". Would you recommend reading Natenberg or "McMillan On Options" next? Thanks!
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    I'd read McMillan first. It seems more basic than Natenburg.
  3. For the umpteenth time, Natenberg, then Cottle.
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    read cottle first... (you will never trade options again!)
  5. funni... :D

    Does he show that it is too complex or too hard to make a living...



    If You Have The Vision We Have The Code
  6. Some of the content in Cottle's book could be presented in an easier to absorb manner. Writing a book is easier said than done though so I can't criticize too harshly.

    He approaches the subject matter from a unique perspective compared to most other volumes on options and as such there seems to be a bit of a running joke pertaining to the level of obfuscation and/or terseness therein. This running joke is even partly propogated by Cottle himself based on some of his introductory words IIRC.

    Those that are prepared to expend the token amount of effort required to surmount the perceived obstacles to comprehension are generously rewarded IMO.

    2 cents.

  7. McMillan gives a lot of actual examples in a very teachable form. I first read his books then spent about a year learning from the markets with these tools:





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    During that time I also re-read McMillan's books and took comprehensive notes. I continued to read every book in the bookstore during evenings, esp math/stats/prob textbooks. Then I read Natenburg's book and continued to refine my approach. I am now reading Natenburg's book again. 20 months later @ 10hrs/day & it seems like there is no limit to the learning & experience curve.
  8. Would you recommend the McMillan study guide to test yourself on the chapters?
  9. test yourself in the markets :eek:
  10. I used the study guide but I was very new and felt it was helpful in learing the terminology and just as a check to see if I was daydreaming while reading:p
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