Options as a Money Management Tool--Questions

Discussion in 'Options' started by syedamed, Jun 7, 2008.

  1. syedamed


    Hi everyone,

    I need some information or tips or wise words or advice regarding options as a tool to improve average 'bought price' in a downward falling market.

    In this example, I don't care about market timing.. sure, I can definitely tell when the market is in a downtrend but I'm truly not sure when it'll end and turn around. In this line of thinking, I want to start buying now, as price continues to go down.

    Now, to mitigate risk and potentially improve the price in which I buy, I will purchase puts against the underlying as leveraged insurance, a way to buy more of the underlying if it continues to go down and improve my average price by buying more of the underlying with profits from the puts.

    Does anyone here utilize this method in their accounts? If so, how far in the money/out of the money do you buy puts? How many months in advance?

    Do you know of a book or website that details similar strategies?

    Thanks in advance, feel free to MSG me if you want to go private.
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  3. well it all depends on what your time frame
    Would you like to buy option,s befora a earning would you like to buy option for long term
    It all depends
  4. hdawg87


    If you want to improve your average sell price you can sell puts or put verticals at a lower strike price in order to DCA.
  5. syedamed


    Not sure what you mean by DCA?

    I don't mean stock options, just index options.
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  7. If you want to mitigate your loss, better to sell calls against your position in a down trending market. When your sold call gets you 50% then buy it back. But you better know your technicals