Options and the elections

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  1. Market moves pre-post election.

    I'd like to open a discussion about pre/post election. If history repeats, there should be a rally right around the election. I believe that this will be a great opportunity to buy calls and sell stock and create lots of opportunity from synthetic puts that are created.
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    This time it seems to be different. I think after the elections the US market will go into a midterm consolidation/correction phase b/c of the US debts and the US economy.

    I was short (actually had bought Put options) of Microsoft for some weeks, but when yesterday Microsoft brought their new OS to the shelves I was unsure what will happen, my fear was the stock will go up, so I closed my puts. But: nothing happened!... :)
    Some years ago such a big event would have affected the share price, but nowadays things seem to be different... so maybe same could be said of the elections...
  3. i think macro winds play such a huge part in money flows around the world.. elections are keeping things on hold...... political risk in the market... i think more of energy, inflation, money supply, fiscal policy... think Romney will tighten up and stop the bleeding? if so do you think the market will react good to that? Obama's socialist agenda will eventually really hurt..
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    Market does what it has to do, such shows like elections affect the market only temporarily, if any. I expect the market will go down for the next 2 months, regardless of who wins the presidency.
    Romney is a puppet, like the BushIdiot, the puppetmaster is a foreign power blackmailing these puppets and all in his team...
    A politiican like Romney thinks for his clientel only, not for the country as a whole. Romney will start another war (against Iran),
    because his puppetmaster wants it...
  5. A war is good.... Americans are spoiled and need to throw some innocence into the flames of war to extinquish their poisonous guilt..... nothing straightens out the world like someextreme calamity.... look how united we were after 911