Options analitics on futures contracts

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  1. I use IB's option analitics on options on anything they have to offer.

    Some futures options don't have liquidity in the electronic markets, (specially long dated) and I have to trade at the pits thru another broker. (Xprestrade)

    But they don't have option analitics for these contracts.

    Can somebody suggest a futures broker who has this feature in their platform, like IB does ?

    Thanks a million !!
  2. Thank you riskarb.

    I will call them tomorrow. I hope they are refering to pit traded options as well.

    Without the analitics it's a pain to forecast stops.

    Good trading to you.:)
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    Sorry bro, have to disagree with you here. Optionstation is utter crap.

    I highly recommend http://www.orats.com/

    You can model skew much better on excel then you can on optionstation. If you can't produce accurate theoretical values, the software is worthless. Anyone can derive fair values under static vols on a free BS calculator on the CBOE website.
  5. The xl add-ins from MBRM or Tech Hackers. The best open analytics app is LMT-expo.
  6. I know Optionstation is shite, but it's cheap and tied to their feed. Orats doesn't do futures. I've talked with Myron at orats quite a bit. A small fraction of ETers would/could pay the going rate for Orats skew and vol tools.

    I can't remember the last time I ran valuations on vanilla options, other than the IV-line I get from my quote page.
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    I know it ain't cheap but like the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. I'm not sure most ET'ers can afford to take too many short cuts as they pertain to options. Like I said, if you are not producing accurate theoretical vols, you ain't going to be trading long anyway. LOL. Doesn't matter how much you spend then.

    To get accurate theos on futures, you can produce a script through excel or I would point guys towards Microhedge. The data from Tradestation is utter crap too and perhaps some of the most unreliable data on the market. Garbage in, garbage out.
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    orats looks rather expensive and beyond my current abilities. How long does it take a competent person to get a very good understanding of options ie the level of yourselves riskarb/maverick?

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    Whats the problem with OPTIONVUE? As someone without an options analysis program (or pricing feed for that matter) I am interested in the pluses and minuses of the various futures/options programs. I was leaning towards OPTIONVUE actually!
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