Option's Advisors, Any Experiences?

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    I get so much mail from these guys that I am just wondering if any of them are worthwhile. Don Fishback, Terry Allen, Ken Trester, Price Headley, George Fontanils, and of course Bernie Schaeffer, to name a few. Any of them have good products, as far as both education and successful trading?
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    i used theoptiontrader.com not very pleased with their trading strategy or customer service. they refused to release important statistics on their trade history

    currently using theoptioninvestor.com good results, good customer service
  3. ================================

    Excellant risk reward on ;
    [a]Big Trends book by Price Headly & they do answer mail.

    Bernie Schaeffer 's book found to be more helpful than mail;
    click ''books '' at the very top of this page.

    [c]Closing prices of stocks & options are real helpful;
    charts are real helpful also of stock options & stocks.:cool:

    ''He that handleth a matter wisely shall find good'' Solomon ,trader king.
  4. One of the few vendor types who I think has written some decent material on options trading is David Caplan. I think he might be worth a shot.
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    take a look at www.poweropt.com smartsearch xl . You can search a data base of option prices for technical and fundamental criteria on any outright or spread.
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    you will go broke subscribe to his many services and of course the one has higher percentage winning cost more but there is no way to verify it since there will never be enough money to follow ALL of his recomm.
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    Question how they figure the P/L per position...

    Many send a recommendation price e.g. $5...

    Then use the average price from the recommendation time to the close of the day to get the price used to calculate the P/L.

    If the advisor was winning more than losing this strategy would not benefit them.

    It favors the price declining for that day after a buy recommendation.

    I would say you would be beter off contra-trading these programs...

  8. vega


    I've used McMillans daily calls a long time ago, and they were ok, but keep in mind that the majority of these things are bogus. If you had a great strategy, why would you sell it ? If it was so good, even if you were undercapitalized, you would be making money and growing your bankroll and then you can trade bigger. The other thing to keep in mind is the old pump and dump. Assume with all of these services that when a recommendation goes out, the writer has already entered that position (at a better price) and you are merely moving the market his way, cuz you know he's not going to wait for his customers to get in before making his play. If you find one that says they don't do that, or take the trades, ask yourself why you would want to put your money in something, while the guy recommending won't ?
    Just my two cents

  9. Vega said it all. Further, as has been said with reference to investment seminars, I challenge anyone to come forward who has actually made back the cost of their newsletter subscriptions from trading the advice contained therein. You'd be far better served learning as much as you can from the leading treatises on the subject and devising and executing a trading strategy on your own that best fits your particular trading personality. Options are a wonderfully flexible tool that can lead to riches or ruin depending on how they're used. Hence, be very careful taking anyone's advice, including mine!
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    Gee Vega, I have a thousand page book on Option Strategies by McMillan. Should I be just a skeptical on what he teaches there? Did he leave out all the good stuff?
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