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Discussion in 'Options' started by PCanyon, Jul 7, 2007.

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    They are the education arm for thinkorswim. They are free, provide good info and the best part is they are not a front for selling books, courses, mentoring, etc. I know several of the folks that teach these. They are sharp ex floor traders.

    Caveat: I have NOT been to these since Investools bought thinkorswim. Hopefully Investools has not tainted Option Planet or their free courses. If you find out they have please let us know.
  3. I did (since investools) the only change is they didn't make (obvious) fun at the red and green arrows. These guys (TOS)are option traders and more concerned about the greeks and keeping them balanced. There is absolutely no pushing Investools on anyone nor selling anything but a chance to earn your business as a broker and its a soft sell.

    I've attended I think about all their classes over the past two years and have found them very informative...with new ideas and discussions and each instructor brings their own quality to the table.....can't beat the price either. :p However because they are free often the classes are full and over flowing so arrive early to get a primo spot. The trade n learn which cost $99 or $199 are smaller and more advanced and I think to really appreciate them you need some trading under your belt.

    Personally I'm not a big seminar person....I've never paid over the $199 nor have I been to any other type of investment seminar. People who have been to other expensive seminars said they try to sell you more stuff so there is alot of wasted time. The TOS guys are clean, keep it simple and the platform/customer service sells itself.
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    Thanks for the responses. I attended the advanced options seminar today in Irvine, CA.

    I was impressed. There were about 250 people in attendance (FREE=Magic Words) and Dan Kaufman did an excellent job for 5 hours explaining portfolio risk and a review of the Greeks.

    I got the impression that TOS sincerely cares about educating their clients and non clients about option trading. Dan never once tried to solicit biz for TOS nor was there any upselling.

    I spoke to a few TOS clients and they all raved about the company.

    I'll probably be switching one of my accounts over there and I plan on attending other seminars.
  5. For retail there is no better platform and it will only get better. They have really set the standard going forward
  6. Great classes. Great customer service. There software is kludgy though.
  7. what the heck is kludgy:confused: