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  1. Depends on what you're trading ~ and what you need in a broker.

    eOptions is cheaper for options 3$ ticket + .10/contract, but their website is terrible and their platform is not very good (compared to say TOS/AMTD).

    FWIW - I am going to try out OH so I can move the IRAs from AMTD and stop getting gouged on option contracts.

    I read what you wrote in the other thread about IB and I'd suggest really sitting down playing around with IB's platform which I think is pretty good, but have no experience with so can't say for sure.

    I've been messing around with OH's platform and it's web-based which I am not crazy about, but it is fairly well customizable. I plan on using OH's platform for keeping up a screen of watchlists on an extra monitor.
  2. I've been using OH's platform for about a week now and have no complaints about fills. (~30 option trades)

    I'm not thrilled about it being web-based - Chrome eats RAM and I can't use it on FF (not enough real estate on the browser). There are some quirky things that I'd change with the platform if I could, but overall it's not too bad.

    I am really enjoying a whole screen for my watchlist - I have about 100 stocks using 4 different boxes all on 1 full browser window. If I had a bigger then 19" monitor (like 22 widescreen) I'm sure I could stick another row adding at least 50 more on there.

    ps I talked to a VP at eOptions and he said they were hoping for new website and platform by the end of the year which would be great !
  3. I use OH for my options trading. You can trade equities through them as well. Other things such as Forex, bonds, and futures I am pretty sure you cannot. Their trading platform is okay, it IS web based and isn't the best, but does a pretty good job depending on what you're using it for. Basically I trade options in a fairly decent size, not a huge player or anything with them, but enough where coming to OH was a good move for the super cheap commission.

    Basically there's not much to complain about, but not a ton to rave about either. They get the job done, they're good, and they have dirt cheap commission. Also (I don't know what kind of acct you have size wise) but they have pretty low requirements to gain access to debit and credit spreads, and things of that nature that I have seen other brokers be rather strict on. Hope this helps.