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    I've just booked myself onto a free Optionetics course in London. Does anyone here know if they're any good?

    At the last invesment course I attended the speaker claimed his ideas were all unique, but a little research showed that he was just using basic ideas.

  2. Leave your wallet and checkbook at home
  3. How did you manage to get into an Optionetics seminar free,they are normally about $4000.00
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    There's a free 2 hour course - undoubtedly an advert for their $4000 course. But I'm going to go along to see what sort of ideas they have and pick up some free stationary.

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    when you are there, ask them why their hedge fund is doing so crappy using their techniques and how come it does not double every 90 days like their ads claim they do.....
  6. Best way to learn options is to go to the NY, Chicago pits, seek employment as a clerk with a good option trading firm, work for next to nothing for 6 months ! Save your $4000 !
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    I went to the intro a few months ago. The presenter was a VERY slick salesman (referred to himself as "teacher").

    They don't want you to ask questions until the 2 hour presentation is completed. There wasn't even a potty break!

    However, the course is "only" $2995 if you sign up at the intro!!
  8. Use the two hours to get started on Natenberg's Option Volatility and Pricing.
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    Hi again,

    From the replies to my Optionetics post it appears that books will be a much better investment than a course.

    Could I ask for a recommendation on what should be next on my reading list? So far I have read Murphy's "Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets" and do some charting on daily FTSE charts every morning. I have also read Hull's "Options Futures and Other Derivatives" and worked through a few of the pricing models. What I'd like to learn next is something more practical with respect to personal trading (i.e. how to make money for myself ;P ).

    I know that there's already a books section on this site but I find it hard to assess the difficulty level from the descriptions and I was very disappointed with the last "basic" book that I purchased ("Technical Analysus Plain and Simple" - nothing but a superficial guide for idiots).


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