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  1. Has anyone here attended this workshop? It is "free" and I realize that it will probably be a big teaser to get me to sign up for other classes and/or signing up to use the optionetics services.

    Is there anything of value to justify me spending my time listening to their sales pitch. I'm interested to hear from anyone who has attended one of these workshops in the past.

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    Search past threads for an answer to your question.

    In short, it's not worth it cause all they do is try to sell you this and that and before you know it you've spent 10K on tools you don't even know how to use or how to trade.
  3. It's so simple even a caveman could do it.
  4. Thanks, MTE for the response, and also thank you SR for the comic relief!
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  6. thanks Wayne, for the links. they pretty much told me what I already knew in my heart. There really isn't anything given away for free in the world of trading. It seems that ET is one of the few places you can go for a few nuggets of free information, as long as you are willing to take everything you read with a grain of salt and weed through the majority of posts that seem to be one or more of the following: fluff, unverified opinion, ranting, posing, hyperbole or just flat-out falsehoods.

    There are at least a handful of people here that have obviously made the journey to success as traders, and have been more than generous in trying to help others trying to follow in their footsteps. No, most aren't giving up their whole playbook, and they shouldn't be expected to do so. The knowledge they have came with a price....Not sure where I'm going with all this. Oh well, anyway thanks again all. I appreciate it.
  7. Funny - all these courses seem to follow the same ripoff method:

    teach me to trade,


    better trades,

    wize trades.

    They offer a striptease seminar for free. Then they tell you why you need to spend $5000-$25,000 in "tuition" so you can invest in yourself. Throw in a lot of emotional appeals to "go to the back of the room" and sign up.

    You might even get a free duffel bag or T-shirt for your $6000...
  8. hmm, well now, if they are going to sweeten the deal with a t-shirt, duffel bag, lets see, throw in some free pens and notepads and sign me up!
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    Dear California Consumer:

    I have handled claims against Optionetics with great results.

    Currently, I am investigating a potential Class Action against Optionetics for violations of the California Unfair Business Practices and False Advertising Act.

    Please give me a call to discuss the possibility of becoming a class representative. Thank you.

    With kind regards,

    Edwin Aiwazian
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    Glendale, CA 91203
    Phone (818) 265-1020
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