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Discussion in 'Options' started by spindr0, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. spindr0


    I reveived an E-mail from Optionetics offering a free 2 hour Online Trading Workshop whose come on was:

    Out of curiosity I attended. Ya never know, might learn something new.

    It was chock 'FULL OF' the usual easy money cliche's such as:

    "make 5-10g a month"

    "pay for your child's education"

    "profit regardless of market direction or which way the stock goes"

    "triple you money in 2-3 years as you earn 2-3% a month"

    "limited risk with high reward"

    ad nauseum.

    Apart from 1/2 the time spent on the sales pitch, there were light bulb moments like buying straddles before earnings announcements (to profit no matter which way the stock goes) and buying more puts than shares held in order to prevent portfolio loss (every month).

    And in what was implied and purported to be live, it was amusing that the lecturer noted that the DJIA hit 11,800 today and that tomorrow was January expiration. Uh huh...

    Well, at least I won a lot more games of Free Cell than I lost during the shoveling :)

    RUN, don't walk away from them.
  2. I agree - RUN ....I attended their free presentation some yours ago.

    You can learn more about options online - free.
  3. sumfuka


    I went for their intro once.....

    Have never seen so many dodo birds before in my life.

    Do not sign up for their seminar, they'll keep cold calling you for a whole week! :mad:
  4. rickf


    Did they mention that buying straddles going into earnings likely means the options are inflated if not overpriced due to the earnings event? Or was it presented as "make money either way" sort of trade that glossed over that leeeetle bit of useful information?
  5. rew


    As with almost any subject the best way to learn is just to read the right books. The most expensive books on technical subjects are far cheaper than the cheapest commercial seminar. Also the CBOE web site has some good free information for newbies.
  6. If anyone is interested in buying their Home Study Course send me a pm.

    I am not a fan of their seminars or website and don't believe the claims they make, but if you are a beginner interested in learning more about options their book/dvd/cd material has some value.
  7. sumfuka


    They present it as you're *GUARANTEED* to make money either direction on the straddle. :D If they say it, then it MUST be true!
  8. spindr0


    Absolutely no mention of that leeeetle bit of useful information. It was presented as "make money either way" trade. After hearing of my imminent wealth, I was going to start looking for available real estate on the Riviera. :)
  9. redwraith


    I stay away from anything that has George Fontanill's name attached to it.
  10. spindr0


    Occasionally there are some good articles at their web site so I suppose Optionetics is the inverse of "You get what you pay for." :)
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