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  1. Yes. Read both parts of your interviews, very nice!

  2. Good interviews.

    Is this the shameless, self-promotion thread?

    (I do believe that is Cramer's term).
  3. I am actually throwing a chair against the wall right now as we speak and wiping sweat from my brow...

  4. LOL.

    Ripping stuffed animals apart too?
  5. BOB ZOB


    The mechanics of options and the several dozen strategies are quite real from my experience - once understood..
    The only issue anyone should have with an outfit is the sensible fairness of how much is the cost to learn this stuff.
    The $3-4K seminar cost for starters is absolutely a rip-off. And the continual "morphine drip methods" used to keep people hungry “you need more information” so they keep spending money to learn is a damned tactic of a con!
    Making money is not evil but the tactics these charlatans use is a filthy disgrace to those in the trading world who want to truly help people in fairness, not turn them upside down for pure profit off of peoples ignorance and seizing opportunity to take advantage of most who are gullible about this business.
    Education shouldn’t be from those who only see people as a credit card holder at the back table in these “swing thru town” green light/red light - 5 star or optionetics sales pitch seminars!
    Where is the real heart of any business for the best interest of people in that crap??
  6. The links were to interviews on the Optionetics website, not a sales pitch for them ;).

    I would not pay $3,000 for something I can get in a $30 book :D
  7. Maverick74


    Great, you guys have affiliated yourselves with the Scientology of the options world. LOL. You know, when P.T. Barnum said there was no such thing as bad press, he said that before the likes of George Fontanillis were around. :D
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