optionetics dvds for swap

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  1. If interested then instant message me and let me know what you have for swap. Download swap only. Not for sale. Only trade/swap.
  2. Publicly advertising for fellow software pirates... smart move.
  3. Shut the F*CK UP!!! Yes it is a smart move. Whoever pays for this crap software is wasting their money. The software isn't worth 2cents. People share software downloads all the time. Obviously you are a SELFISH peice of S*IT and don't share. That is why you said that. Get lost you SELFISH LOSER!!
  4. I can offer Madonna's "Like a Virgin" single. Very little wear. I think you're getting the best of this deal.

    Edit: I retract my offer.
  5. Agree.

    When you see the rules to many top systems that go for big $$$, you would laugh. Anyone buying a system from a vendor is an idiot.
  6. Late Apex was apparently correct. The attitude says it all. Once a thief...
  7. ALSO:
    Take this to a car dealer: "Whoever pays for a crap American car is wasting their money... People steal cars all the time..." (etc.)
  8. Perhaps you should switch from perennial paper trading to sales as a logical career choice.

    Publicly offering to swap illegal file copies not just of any pirated software, but only those few, select products that have been carefully pre-screened to qualify as crap, a waste of money and not worth 2 cents -- and proudly describing them as such, as part of an impossible-to-resist sales pitch -- can only be a mark of a true, top-notch, naturally gifted future sales pro. With your innate talent, you'll go far in sales as a profession.
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    Swap away my friend vendors like optionetics deserve to have there stuff floating all over the internet for free.
  10. SarahG


    But he isn't a salesman. He's a daytrader. You a salesman? You poor guy. What kind of salesman are you? Insurance sales? Encyclopedia sales? Door to door vacuum cleaner sales? Used car salesman? LOL.
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