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  1. Just watched the company infomercial. I am probably going to attend the workshop this week. I do know that I will probably take the course before the year is out though (to expand my training business to cover another discipline). What is a good publication/author on the subject of options, spreads, butterfly's, etc.? :)
  2. Canyonman:
    You've got to be kidding!!!!!! Look, just go out and buy "Options As A Strategic Investment" by McMillan. Don't spend money on "Seminars". Read the posts relating to options and ask questions of ET members who trade'em. Seminars are mostly scams. I've just saved you a lot of money. Put it to good use. Steve46
  3. You will learn more from watching the Optionetics videos than going to their seminars.If you have to go down the Optionetics road,look on Ebay you will be able to buy the whole set of videos for about $300.00 a saving of about $2700.00.
  4. It seems the founder of Optionetics has just released a new book about options. Maybe a good and economic alternative!
  5. Stay away from them! Use the $ to start a small account and trade 1 lots, log your trades study them read book sby Cottle, natenburg and Mcmillan.
  6. I'd have to agree with Steve and GATrader. Unless you can find a single person who's actually made back the $3,000 or so cost of their seminars trading, you'd be much better served reading McMillan, Natenberg et al. on your own and figuring out which strategy or strategies would best fit your comfort level and trading personality. Then the next step would be to just do it, starting small of course, and building some real-world experience that cannot be replicated any other way.

    Trading in general is not easy, and options trading may be the toughest row to hoe of all. Every dollar not wasted on useless seminars or other such nonsense is one more dollar that can be applied to trading, the hands-down best source of education there is. Good luck.
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    Absolutely correct. And the best way to save money on options training and trading? Don't trade them at all. With rare exception, they are a suckers game.
  8. Thanks all. I will attend the free workshop as it is part of the learning/training prep stuff that I do. I have several clients who have (of late) inquired about the product. And while I was able to make the WizeTrade product work, I don't want to go down that path of struggling again. I will hunt on eBay for the optionetics stuff.

    Here's a question. Has anyone out there taken the course? Take a moment and PM me, I'd like/love to talk to you about your experience. I still need to draw my own conclusions here. :)
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    There is not that much to add. I think HD gives you the best idea how to manage this.
    Any dollar spent for real option trading is worth at least 10 times more than a dollar spent on seminar.
  10. HD and y'all. Here is a question I've been mulling over and need some insights.

    Take trader A well versed and experienced in options, probably know 90% -95% of what gurus (Cottle,Natenburg,et al) knows as far as theory/rudiments of options. Swing trading going after 2-5$ moves in stocks1-3 week timeframe.

    vs. Trader B who knows more shorter term , scalping style trading, prop firms dream "client" i.e. Tape reader, pair trader, extremely short term trading.

    In this environment and for the forseeable future. Would you favor capital accumulation via slow dollar trader A or the fast nickel Trader B?

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