OPTIONAL777, yeah...I'm calling you out, bro!

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  1. Don't make me go back and re-post all your quotes concerning the Cutler trade. How are the Broncos doing this year? How are the Bears doing this year? More importantly, how are all the players involved in the Cutler trade performing?

    11-4, 1st round bye, Knox (the WR we drafted from the trade) is our leading receiver.

    Where is that genius McDaniels who orchestrated the trade? Is he your manager at BK? Because last time I checked, he was looking for a job.

    Good call though, bud.
  2. Was optional a pro ball player?
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    He went from 9 sacks in one half and a concussion to releasing the ball quicker. Thats really it. Knox has been asleep most of the season , but has been producing as of late. They got themselves a team, with forte doing some good ground work.
  4. I don't get it. Are you bashing Cutler? The team has a first round bye and is 11-4. If you've watched the Bears throughout the season, the o-line has made a ton of adjustments, and Jay is rolling out more to avoid pocket collapse pressure. All of these adjustments were made after the bye week, in which they are 7-1. The point of this thread is to rip that little panzy optional, who thought the Bears made the worst trade in the history of professional sports. Period. So again, I'll ask, how's Denver doing?
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    Knox has not been asleep. He needs to get better running routes. Martz's offense is all timing based and Knox is not hitting his marks. He'll get better. He's young. I think he is at the top of the NFL in yards per catch. The guy is a huge playmaker.
  6. Whos was going to march to that wet behind the ears coach in Denver. I was always with Cutler on that.
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    Zzz doesn't know jackshit about sports in general. He tends to make comments only to irritate people and he knows there are a lot of ET'ers in Chicago. Nothing more then a troll.

    Cutler is a solid quarterback. The O-line is a work in progress. Denver has to start over and Tebow is their man now.
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    he has only 5td's ( 4 in the last 4 games ) and maybe in the top 15 in yds..so yes he has woken up. I think they have a team now.
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    Honestly the low TD total is more a function of Cutler and the O-line. Knox runs deep routes. Cutler needs time to get him the ball. The O-line has improved however they still are not giving Cutler enough time to get the ball deep down field. This will get better with time. Now that they have Cutler rolling out of the pocket, he is able to buy more time to get the ball down field.

    BTW, Knox is 5th in the entire NFL on yards per catch.

  10. The guy will eclipse 1,000 yards receiving Sunday, IF he and Cutler play the entire game...which is a huge IF. You can't tell me that production from a second year player, fifth round draft pick with a new offensive scheme altogether isn't phenomenal. The Bears are so young and inexperienced on the offensive side of the ball, it's scary to see what they'll look like in 2-3 years. Angelo will probably target an o-lineman and WR in free agency.
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