Optional should be banned... total disgrace!

Discussion in 'Politics & Religion' started by WDGann, Aug 14, 2003.

  1. He posted these pics claiming it's me, here's the link along with the chat message:

    OPTIONAL777 (Aug 14, 2003 11:27:47 AM)
    http://www.emotioneric.com/drunk.jpg photo of Gann before, during, after trading

    OPTIONAL777 (Aug 14, 2003 11:33:15 AM)
    http://www.toostupid.com/captions/drunk.gif Gann, the early years

    I'm completely hurt! I told my mom and she told me not to hang out with guys like Optional777.

  2. Pabst


    LOL! Gann, Is the bottom one you?!:D
  3. Wow Gann, you started drinking even earlier than I did. I started when Kindergarden was getting too stressful.
  4. So I guess I banned Optional777...