Optionable OPBL - 56% depreciation in just 3 days

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  1. This .OB pump/dump scam is finally over and the price fell through the traps to fill the gap. This clearly illustrates the dangers behind trading or investing on the bulletin board. One wrong news release, one bad earnings call and then your 56% down in a matter of days. Then there is NITE trading which I must go through to get shares and they are an absolute nightmare.

    OPBL gave us a warning though because you could see the OBVIOUS descending triangle on the chart developing for the last two months. The Chaikan money flow indicator flashed red in mid-March demonstrating to us that Mr. Chaikan (the man who brought us On-Balance volume) was an intelligent man. This thing was bound to explode sometime.

    I think there will be a technical bounce in the works however. My observations tell me that it will bounce somewhere in the 3s.

    It will either

    a) bounce at the current point
    b) sell down to the 200 day moving average before achieving a noticable bounce
    c) violate the 200 day moving average and keep selling south

    In any event, I believe the bounce will be about a point and half and be waiting for my pivot.
  2. So it's either going to go up or down.

    Thanks. :)
  3. Hehe.

    You look for the pivot first and then get in on the pivot. The pivot was today. You never just buy unless you can see the pivot otherwise your trying to catch the knife.
  4. It has reall gotten ugly up in OPBL. BOM drop them and they have fallen hard. 45% yesterday and another 50+% already this morning. Ouch!
    And to beleive i once bought this in the 6's 7's and 8's Glad i got out with minimal losses when i did.
  5. WOW! This gave us a pivot point alright, a pivot point into the ground.

    I've NEVER seen a stock act like this in my life. It goes from 1 to 9 dollars and then from 9 dollars to 1 dollar all within a handful of months.

    At first there were all these press releases about partnering with the NMX. It did appear legit. Then the CEO resigns, the Bank of Montreal launches an investigation and the stock takes a nosedive into the pennies.
  6. i got burned on this, just a bit of money but was the first time i ever bought OTC...never again obviously.

    i dont think it was so much a pump and dump as its taken a 1 , 2 punp with the BMO natty gas blow up. Then the NYMEX deal seems to have been more of a hedge by NYMEX incase they really took off than what it had appeared to be as far as them backing them.
    "NYMEX Introduce Energy and Metals Options Trading on CME Globex".
    That was the knockout punch today.
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    This combined with "I've never seen a stock go from 1 to 9 and back again"...

    Noob much? Nothing wrong with starting out, nothing wrong with posting opinions and looking for feedback, nothing wrong with posting your thoughts. But don't act like you know things or have expertise you don't. Someone(s) can usually tell.
  8. I'm in awe with this company and stock right now. They now have multiple lawsuits to worry about on top of a) losing BMO, their largest floor trading customer and b) Facing competition by the GLOBEX electronic options trading platform being implemented by the very company that made an investment in them!

    It all smells really fishy to me. OPBL price starts to gain volume trading up from .50 to $4.50 before the NYMEX 19% stake news comes out. THEN, a few months later NYMEX comes out with news of a competing platform 1 day after the BMO suspended trading news comes out. Seems awful easy for the guys at the boys club to have loaded up before the news 19% stake news and then dumped after the BMO news and right before the competing platform news. Then they could credit their selling to the BMO news if they didnt already sell at $8+... or maybe I'm just a conspiracy theorist, but the move makes no other sense.

    BTW it closed today at $1.00
  9. Unreal. One of my partners begged me to buy this thing at $8.00. Best trade I never made.
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    long @ 0.51
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