Option Volume and Implied Volatility

Discussion in 'Options' started by golden12, Sep 20, 2008.

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    I'm a completely newbies here. The main point i create this tread is not to ask anybody to mentor me how to make money or constant income, but i just want to ask several questions about the book i'm reading. Currently reading McMillan on Options(my second book). I think a lot of people here already read that books a I bought that book when i saw the rating in this website. I'm ready to ask the questions.


    1) How can I check the average option volume?

    2) Is there any any software or any website that I can get 20-day implied volatility data?

    Currently practicing basic option strategy using virtual account. OptionXpress and ThinkorSwim. Hope somebody can answer my simple or maybe easy questions.

    p/s : also if you have any suggestion for newbie please post here, even if that suggestion dont answer my questions, I'm really happy to here them :)
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    You can see both on Thinkorswim platform in the charts.
  3. golden12


    Thx for reply. Although I already find the answer. Thanks for helping newbie like me :)

  4. Check out my blog. It's written for option rookies. Not every post will be of interest to you, but between the blog and the website, you will find gobs of helpful information.



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    Thx for reply dagnyt
  6. My favorite site for volatility is ivolatility.com

    great site, the advanced historical data is amazing for research. (you might have to pay for it though), my firm has me covered.