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    I was considering entering the Optionetics Course offered by George Fontanills, however after reading through some comments that was posted, I have changed my mind. I am interested to thoroughly learn about option trading and would like to trade as a part time business. I would like to know if it is profitable or foolish to enter the industry. also, where do you go to get the proper education and the right strategies.
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    If you are just starting out I would go to the cboe site and take a look at their tutorials:


    After that I would consider picking up a copy of McMillan's "Options as a strategic investment"

    Going through those two sources should give you a solid foundation to begin developing you own trading plan.

    Good Luck!
  3. Don't waste your money on the optionetics course. Read some books enough to become familiar with the lingo and basic concepts and then keep up with the journals and threads on this site. That will help you formulate your own strategy.

    If you know nothing about options you will not be able to take a 2-day course and become a successful trader, but with some dilligence in reading and following posts on this site, you will get good enough in time.

    There are some members of this site that really know what they are talking about. Take everything with a grain of salt and realize it is ALWAYS opinion.
  4. The Option Course by Fontanills.............$40

    Trade Options Online by Fontanills.........$30

    The Volatility Course by Fontanills........$40

    Not paying $3,000 for the same info you can get for $110...........

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    If you do have a need for a seminar then go for Option Planet one. You'll get the a lot of useful info, save $3K and no one will try to sell you software, which, apparently, is a must.

    (By the way, I'm not affiliated with the firm)
  6. OPTIONCOACH <----knows his stuff

    and HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD on this one!!!
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    I have also used the materials by compoundstockearnings.com. They focus on covered calls with stocks and LEAPS. What I like most about it, is that they clearly outline strategies to identify good covered calls opportunities and they detail management strategies of the positions.

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