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    I have seen the site before, but have never have met anyone who had ever tried it or knows anything about the guy.

    At least he doesn't make those outlandish claims about high returns (such as: make 302% in 4 months trading for just minutes a week!)

    however, the only testimonial he has posted is about a 102.5% on a single trade. I never was interested because much of what he seems to offer is just the same old stuff you see everywhere.

    Even his risk management suggestions are the same as anyone: so options spreads and no more than 5% in any one trade.

    That may sound good on paper, but most options trades, especially things like buying options outright or buying vertical debit spreads tend to be pretty short term in my experience, usually 10-25 days at most.

    Putting no more than 5% in any one trade means managing 20 trades simultaneously. And you are constantly taking some off (because they hit your stop loss or profit target) and now you are looking for the next trade to put on. It so happens I have a job and cannot spend all hours of the day managing a portfolio of option trades.

    Diversification between 8-10 stocks can be great (more if you have a much bigger account then me) if you are a long term investor, and it takes little time. Then I just use the occasional option trade as a substitute fro the stock or to make a short-term bet.

    I also have not seen any long-term results published from the Pearly gates newsletter. But I am in complete agreement with this article i was just reading on marketwatch.com. Hulbert tracks thousands of newsletters and none have been able to much better than a consistent 25-30% or so return per year, year after year after year.


    That is my aim as well with (semi)active trading - If I can get 25% or so per year over the long term I am thrilled.
  3. What is this all about? Do you pay for the information?

    If so, it's a waste!
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