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Discussion in 'Options' started by qazmax, Jul 3, 2003.

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    Does anyone use one of the option programs, where they email you recommendations on what to trade?

    Do any of them work and if so which ones?
    Are most of them scams?
    And how much do they charge for this advice?
    What is their basic strategy?
    (I assume it is fairly simple if they apply it to a large group.)

    If this has been discussed please post the thread and accept my early apologies.


  2. fsoft22


    The best is


    but these software are enough expensive
  3. Any other suggestions for option programs other than optionvue, optionpro and option station? One that will save your positions and plot it against time, underlying, vol change skew change?

    Possibly scan also?

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    Microhedge is probably the most comprehensive and flexible options software, used by most of the marketmakers and floor traders I know. It has nothing to do with making "recommendations", though, it is just an analysis and portfolio management program. If you want to trade, there is no one that will email you recommendations that I would trust or use. It's just not that easy. Think about it, if it was, all we would do is read our email in the morning, and we'd all be rich. You will have to so some homework and learn a new skill just like any other vocation, I'm afraid.
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    I am developing one.

  7. I thought about doing it also but it might be quite work intensive.