Option Trading Platform for Canadians (w/ IBKR)

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  1. If a fellow canadian (or anyone else) could help me out I would very much appreciate it. I'm trying to trade primairly US options and occasionslly US equities (typically equities would be in conjunction with options), although access to any other instruments would be welcome. I have an IBKR account currently and am looking for a front end platform to run IBKR through, and use IBKR for order execution.

    For those that don't know, due to some absurd Canadian regulations, IBKR is basically the only real choice for "professional" options trading in Canada. I'm using quotes because I don't consider their software from 1996 to be all that professional lol. I do like IBKR for some things but TWS is... Well, I have nothing kind to say so I'll just say nothing. I prefer their mobile app... But I'm looking for a useable computer platform here.

    I've looked into numerous front-end platforms but there are two recurring issues, either I find a software that seems awesome and I'm disappointed to eventually find out it's also banned in canada, or I find a software that is approved in canada, but is really meant for day trading equities, not for options.

    My primary goal is just to replace IBKRs UI with a front end system that was designed to deal with options trading and has the best possible order execution, preferably with the ability to direct access. I don't care about monthly costs or fees/commissions, or even charting.

    If anyone can offer any guidance it would really help me out. Thanks.
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    Yeah. To think I used to get it free with Excel API. Sad. Now, I sift thru trash with TWS.

    It is the Apple of option trading software. Easy on the eyes and a pleasure to use. Really useful data, ofc.

    Anyway, we got big fish on this forum who can swing that easily.
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  7. Do you guys know if there is anything for the Australian market that I could use. IB options analysis is crap. Thx
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    www.hoadley.net/options spreadsheet
  9. Yea got that but you have to input all the data manually. I was hoping for something like any of the options listed above or even something like optionstrat.com
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    BullSignal (Australian markets): Equity, index and option quotes. Subscription to WebLink's BullSignal data service is required. See More details.

    [​IMG] eSignal (US and international markets): A wide range of instruments (including futures options) and markets are supported by eSignal. Subscription to eSignal required. More details on instruments and markets.

    [​IMG] Interactive Brokers (US and international markets): A wide range of instruments and markets are supported by IB and are available to IB customers.More details

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