option trading is more intelligent

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    for stocks, you generally put in trade when things are clear and sitting on the position until stop hit. You don't predict, you re-act. Many times, you need to be dumb to be successful.

    in options, based on my experience, the most profitable trades are based on *prediction* and some wilde *imagination*. It's like golf hitting 20 feet putter, you need everything come together at the same time. Options make you a smart guy and days for trading seems more well-spent.

    Options --> predict and no stoploss needed
    stocks --> re-act with stoploss
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    The price of the stop is embedded in the price of the option. Not as smart as you thought you were huh?
  3. "wild imagination"??? Ooookaaay...

    Now that's a sound basis for trading...
  4. Roflmao!

    Yeah... the stop loss = price of option at entry...of which the stop out is the option expiring
    worthless. Lol
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    Huh? It's called volatility dude. You been drinking? LOL.
  6. Bloody ceasar- sans Belvedere woodka lol
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    Oh joy, another one of those "intelligent" option threads.

    Well, they keep us entertained.
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    option tradings are great, it has great risk/reward ratio. and it works in couple of days for you to jump in/out quickly, thus satisfy the common need of over-trading.

    so far so good.

    Rule #1: "Every trading is based on directional bet. If you can read the direction, all vehicles are the same. "

  9. Oh no, here we go again...
  10. Ummm... no they're not.
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