Option Smart does it again....

Discussion in 'Options' started by traderdon56, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. And yet another fucking credit spread rollover brought to you by the people at OS. Of course, their website still maintains that perfect 31 of 31 trading record, even though their customers are losing money.

    This is bullshit. They should be honest and show the loss.
  2. do they have an excuse as to why you're losing and they're "winning" ?
  3. An excuse? LOL They don't even answer e-mails.

    The bottom line is that they are treating a rollover as a non-event, thereby keeping their 100% win streak intact. A rollover is a loss, plain and simple. Bastards.
  4. They just did another roll. Too bad (for customers) they only use put spreads on QQQQ.
  5. Their posted results don't show assignments. Add these to rollovers and the commissions are brutal.

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    Maybe I can share a bit of my experience here which may be useful to some others.

    I tried optionsmart for a while. I stopped it as I discovered that they sent an alert (which turned out to be a loser) but they did not post it in their results. In fact, they did not mention that trade at all. Also, there were some others that may/may not be true.

    My suggestion is for whatever paid subscription that you are considering, do your due diligence.
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    I also used OptionSmart. Is there any other reliable Option Advisory service out there ?
  8. RedOption?? They are through ThinkorSwim.
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    Any comments about them ?
  10. What ? Rolling doesn't works ???
    Phuuuuuuck !!!!!!
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