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  1. Not sure whether you guys own this software you recommended or just saw it on the internet, but I have a question for you...

    Have either of you found software that will update(in real time of course) the curvature of your position...i.e. you can see where your break evens are as the "greek" risk changes dynamically during the trading day...Obviously this can be done with a pen and pad of paper, but this is like Flintstone trading...

    OptionVue has the tools that I like, but who needs the "nickel and diming" that these guys seem to build into their price structure...
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  2. I have essex option pro and when I put on a position, I take a graph of risk. I am going to check on Monday what happens when I take a position graph before open and then a little after when the underlying moved .I will check to see if the greeks exposures changed to get the 'dynamic' exposure. If it does change what I would be getting of course is a dynamic snapshot as opposed to a real time dynamic exposure of position which is suits me fine. I saw the system of Bear Hunter and I believe it does that what you desribed but that would probably be huge $ to get. (if gettable)
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    Believe me - there are Options Scanners up the wazoo downtown Chicago.

    I personally know of two - you'll never hear about them - like everything else, if it works, why sell it?

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  4. Wonder where those are ...
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  5. Try to get a copy of OSRT (by www.bayoptions.com) if you can. The developer has retired and closed down his website. I still consider this the best software ever created to do real time option scanning (works with eSignal feed). You can create your own fancy strategies (very easy programming) and scan for them in real time.
    Good luck!:)
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    :D :D :D :D :D

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  7. Birgulino, pls check your PM. Have a ? about your post.
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