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Discussion in 'Options' started by nugya, Jul 21, 2002.

  1. nugya


    Can any body comment on the option scanners available on the market these days, which can select the best options in the market according to the choice of your strategy.

    Please comment on their reliability and profitability

  2. Bob111


    optionvue.......but the price......... read my posts about it.
    show me any profitable and proven strategy-i will write a scan for it and make you happy)))))
    thank you!
  3. Several web based apps- not pure scanners like optionvue are ivolatility.com and optionclub.com
  4. nugya



    I have visited your web site several times but you are not updating!!!
  5. nugya


    Thank you for the info GATrader. Have you followed any of the results which comes out of these scanners and were they profitable??
  6. I got a good number of ideas from the vol scanners at optionclub-put on clanedars that were profitable bet 30-40%ROI except for those 20% that went south bec stocks had huge down moves so from that standpoint it is useful
  7. Bob111


    we already talk about why site was not updated.
    lack of interest.
  8. Judging from the lack of response regarding scanners,am I correct in assuming that Optionvue has the only monopoly is this world regarding option scanning systems. Any other ones that are not web server based? No wonder their fees are high!
  9. Bob111


    but as you can see from my site-it possible. a soft run thru every optionable stock on CBOE and perform volatility, volume calculation. it take 15-20 min. then it create html page. basically-just add criteria and that about it.
  10. rs7


    I can use a little help here...because I am not up to date on this. But Reuters had something called Schwartzatron (not positive on the spelling). Is it still around? It was THE tool used by market makers when I worked at the CBOE, which was a while ago.

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