Option scammer sending private messages

Discussion in 'Options' started by thebubs, Jul 28, 2009.

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    FYI recieived this in my ET inbox, from someone just registered today, anyone else get this?


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    Hi Mate!!
    Hi there

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    Post it in the Feedback forum.
  3. Yes, I've got one as well. Just annoying!

    The poor university must has big trouble in finding students! :D

    Definitely its operators do not make enough money via trading options! :D

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    I'm curious - is this OU doing this, or someone stealing their course and selling it quietly "behind their back?" Is the link to take advantage of this offer actually the OU site?
  5. I can offer the Holy Grail for options trading strategy with merely $10,000 for each trader.

    This strategy suits any trader who wants to effectively trade only long options for the potential of unlimited profits while bearing limited risk.

    An user of this Holy Grail strategy does not need to learn any options other than the basics in order to trade options immediately.

    Interested clients will be required to pay only $5,000 for downpayment. PM me if you're really serious! :p
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    Wait - I want to give you the entire 10K up front. Is that possible?
  7. No, that is not an option, sorry.

    Your only option is to start trading the strategy first and soonest before sending the remaining $5,000 later, for indicating your satisfaction of the strategy.

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  9. IMO it's more someone who downloaded the shitbag from some torent and try to peddle it to anyone. With 5-10 furums, 100 PMs you may get 1-2 hit.
    I know I have some Option University that I got from a friend and I never even looked at it.
    599$ it's all yours, ROFLMAO
  10. Of course, that's a good deal! You're late!

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