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  1. rebilly7


    Has any one herd of www.option-research.com .
    They claim to track 13 stocks and give you indications on when to buy. They post there monthly results which seem to be very good. If any one has herd or are using there advice could you fill me in on how good they actually are.
  2. spindr0


    Assuming that you're not spamming for the site...

    In general, if anyone was that good at stock/option picking, wouldn't they do a whole lot better if they traded their brilliance?

    FWIW, you have to watch out for how tout sites calculate/distort their gains. Many use exaggerated entry/exit prices via the high (or low) trade of the day. B/A slippage is often omitted. Etc, etc.

    And FWIW, I know nothing about this web site.
  3. Joab


    I would be very cautious of this service.

    their testimonials all seem to be short term new customers and not longer term customers.

    See if you can find 2-3 people and split the cost, I think $999 is too much money for something like this.
  4. ajna


    Speaking of options related research, I found the website trade-alert.com from theoptionsinsider web site. Their basic info looks interesting and perhaps even useful, anyone had experience with their research and analysis?
  5. This looks like a word for word re-incarnation of Options
    Intelligence. Total scam. Widely discussed on Usenet,
    ET, and other forums. Save your money.
  6. agrafes


    pls check carefully, is there any:
    - telephone number, that can be contacted?
    - full Office Address ??

    If the answer is NO, We know who they are.....:)