Option quotes with charts.

Discussion in 'Options' started by just21, Jul 31, 2002.

  1. just21


    I use qcharts to call up a chart and have a linked option montage that calls up the relevant option chain. The problem is that the qcharts option prices are so incorrect that it is near useless. Any one know of another system that will link two windows like this and has correct best option prices from all exchanges.

    I think a lot of option traders are on holiday now but any help appreciated.
  2. RealTick; sort of ...
  3. AtAttitude (www.atfi.com) , hyperfeed (www.hyperfeed.com) or
    Track Data( www.trackdata.com) will do what you want for a price. Other quote services are probably ok; however, some do not handle low volume options in real time. If you see only a composite quote versus the individual exchanges, the data is likely not the best bid or offer. If you don't need real time data and the chart linkage, see www.cboe.com for a low cost solution.