Option Premium Time Decay?

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  1. When looking at Theta, remember that it decays exponentially increasing substantially as expiration approaches.

    Also selling puts is a very effective strategy if three steps are implemented:

    1. The options are sold on something you want to own,
    2. The capital is set aside to purchase the underlying if assigned, and
    3. It is part of a long-term strategy with the expectation that it will be implemented multiple times (dollar cost averaging).

    Personally, I only sell puts on indices since they have an upward bias, are cyclical and have a negligible probability of becoming worthless (such as in a single stock).

    If the above is applied correctly, you will never have to worry about market direction again.

    Best of luck.
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  2. The easy simple answer is for you to get some type of options analytics software that will allow u to view a risk graph and see exactly how a change in time and the other greeks will affect your position and profit and loss potential.

    Thinkorswim platform is free and you can download a demo account for free.
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