Option Position Limits

Discussion in 'Options' started by maninjapan, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. Guys, does anyone have any information on the position limits for equities and futures options in the US? Ive tried looking at the sites, but couldnt find any clear info my self.

  2. More than you could ever need
  3. It usually depends on the exchanges where contracts are traded and might change from time to time.

    The limits for options and futures are quite large nowdays.
  4. xflat, your most probably right, but I guess old boy scout habits die hard......

    I did find out from CBOE though, its a minimum of 25,000.

    Ill check the others out.

  5. The CBOE are not options on futures. If I recall on the CME its something like 100k contracts but if I were you and you really needed to know its worth double checking
  6. even each contract's limit is different.
  7. donnap


    I don't know about you, but those pesky position limits are really a restraint to my trading.:p

  8. I hear yaa Donna, I hate when I cant get limit up from those cowards in the pit.
  9. yup I know that, I was referring to equities there.
    Probably different for each futures contracts ,but for ES its the equivalent of 100k futures contracts.
    Good thing I checked that out.......
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