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Discussion in 'Options' started by dbh21, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. dbh21


    I'm using TOS to create a complex option strategy. The other day I saw some bugginess in TOS's graphs (<i>it showed me a fantastic risk profile for a trade, but when I closed my laptop and resumed, it was a totally different risk profile - and I captured screenshots to prove I changed nothing</i>).

    Since I have somewhat weak trust in what TOS is telling me, I would like to double-check my strategy with another similar tool. I have an Etrade account, but they don't seem to have a tool able to do it as far as I know.

    Does anyone know of another tool where I can double check the P/L for my strategy? OptionVue seems expensive, and I have seen nothing else that will pull in recent prices for the option.

  2. about that fantastic risk profile, next time make sure "price" is not locked. I think you locked it and changed to another option. There shouldn't be a problem in TOS with this issue.
  3. dbh21


    Yup - well aware of that and I double checked it. Screen cap shows they are all unlocked.
  4. daveyc


    in tos, look at the 'tools' tab, then widget 360, check the iv on the puts and calls to see if you are getting fair prices. there was probably a skew in your favor when you analyzed it, then it corrected itself. check it out and use that tool in future, its very useful.